Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is Officially Revealed

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is Officially Revealed

The Samsung is just officially revealed its next big thing the Galaxy Fold 2 during the Samsung's developer conference, The Galaxy Fold 2 is coming with some new foldable design and lower price tag. 

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Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

The original Galaxy Fold was launched in February earlier this year and the last time we heard there was a huge demand for this new form factor.

People are liking this new idea of foldable smartphones and they're even ready to spend out $2000 to own this new piece of technology. Now, it was reported a few days ago that Samsung is really serious about foldable smartphones and want to sell at least 6 million of these phones next year.

So to achieve that they are working on the successor of the original Galaxy Fold which might be called the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2.

A few months ago, there was a report that said the Galaxy Fold 2 will have a clamshell-like design and a lower price tag.

But yesterday at Samsung's developer conference, they basically confirmed the rumors and showcased what the Galaxy Fold 2 will look like through this official video.

Video Showcase

The video is titled, A New Form Factor for Foldable Smartphones and It shows how the user interface looks on the existing Galaxy Fold and also shows what the UI would look like on a device that folds around a horizontal axis.

Also, They're using a Punch-hole Display for this which is good and they haven't revealed the screen size but according to past information it is expected to have a 6.7" display and a 1" cover display which will be used to show information when the device is closed.

The Galaxy Fold 2 will no longer be a smartphone that can turn into a tablet, but rather a pocketable clamshell device that can turn into a more regular candy bar-shaped smartphone when unfolded.

Honestly, I prefer the original Galaxy Fold style more, a phone that can turn into a tablet.

The Fold 2 is just going to be like the Galaxy Note 10 with the same screen size, The only difference is that it's going to be foldable and will have an extra 1" screen outside.

We can see the market for this as well and we can understand why they are going with this approach, The idea here is to also make the device thinner and more affordable.

In order to make foldable smartphones truly commercial, they need to bring that cost down because they can't expect to sell tens of millions of these handsets by pricing them over $2000.

And, Samsung is expecting to sell at least 6 million foldable smartphones next year and the bulk of them is going to be the Fold 2, So they went to this clamshell form factor to reduce costs and to achieve that 6 million sales target.


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