Samsung Galaxy S11 is Been Finalized

Samsung Galaxy S11

The Samsung's next big thing is Samsung Galaxy S11 and it's been finalized with a lot of interesting features and some information has been revealed already which gave us a good idea of what to expect from the 11th generation of Galaxy S handsets.

Now that we are pretty much done with major new smartphone releases for this year and now all eyes are on the next big thing the Samsung Galaxy S11 which is arguably the most anticipated flagship of 2020.

Samsung Galaxy S11

Now, Ice Universe has tweeted out saying the look and specifications of the Galaxy S11 have been finalized,

So that means we should expect more concrete Galaxy S11 information in the coming days and hopefully there will be real-life leaks giving us an early peak of the appearance of the device.

By the way, the research and development of the Galaxy S10 was completed on November 1st last year, so Ice universe tweet perfectly coincides with Samsung's timeline.

This tweet means basically nothing but it's good to know that they have finalized the design and now the Galaxy S11 leaks should begin.

The S11 is expected to have a punch-hole Display but it's going to be smaller this time compared to the Galaxy S10 and should be even smaller than the Galaxy Note 10.

It will again have four Cameras at the back and one of them will be a Periscope zoom Camera for 5x optical zoom capabilities, This Periscope zoom Camera that Samsung is using on the S11 is thinner than the one Huawei used for the P30 Pro which means the Galaxy S11 should have the same thickness as the Galaxy S10.

Galaxy S11 Other Leaks

Max Weinbach who works for XDA did a little digging in the latest OneUI 2.0 beta and found out some interesting information.

He reveals the UX for the S11 which basically contains references to the Face Service app, which means that facial recognition will also be one of the Galaxy S11 features.

Now, some people are saying the S11 will have a 3D facial scanner which I don't think is true because the Galaxy S11 will have a punch-hole design so there wouldn't be any space up there to put 3D sensors.

Besides Samsung already uses Ultrasonic fingerprint scanner so there is no need for another secure biometric system and I think this means is, they're working on improving the facial recognition system, the one we already have on the Galaxy S10.

Also, Max says the Exynos 990 isn't Samsung's flagship processor, He found references of the Exynos 9830 in the OneUi 2.0 beta, And that's the reason he thinks the Exynos 9830 will be used for the S11 and not the Exynos 990.

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But in my opinion, I think they both are one and the same and Samsung is rebranding their Exynos lineup, They're moving from 4 digits to 3 digits and the Exynos 9830 is the Exynos 990.

There's no reason to believe the Exynos 9830 is going to be a different processor since the Exynos 990 already offers flagship features such as support for 120Hz display, LPDDR5 RAM, UFS 3.0 storage, and a 7nm EUV manufacturing node.

So don't be confuse between these both, The Exynos 9830 is the Exynos 990, Anyway, a lot of leaks will come in the future for the Samsung Galaxy S11 and if you want to keep updated with all of the leaks & news so stay tuned with our website.


I hope you like this informative details about upcoming Samsung Galaxy S11 which is going to officially launch in 2020 and there will be a lot of leaks & news will come on screen for this phone and if you want to updates with that so please consider to visit our website daily or you can bookmark it.

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