TCL's Triple Folding Phone - Specifications & News

TCL's Triple Folding Phone Specifications

There is a new Triple Folding Phone on the way from TCL and it is totally different from the Galaxy Fold or any other Fold device because at this time we have folded phones but they can just fold from one side and this phone from TCL will Fold twice like a zigzag.

TCL's Triple Folding Phone

When it comes to Folding phones some people believe it will be the future but we've had a few different ideas so far we have Samsung folding phones which is fold on the inside, Huawei folding phones fold on the outside and Xiaomi with a double outside fold.

But now we have TCL's new idea which is a double folder but in a zigzag form, The new prototype showcase by TCL provides users with the 10 inches display and a very wide aspect ratio it's got two hinges in the device folds in a zigzag form this should make the device easier to carry around.

It also provides other useful aspects like giving a few different display sizes with varying different folds and we also have the option to just fold the bottom side slightly and use it as a keyboard.


This is just a prototype and not a final product, The most interesting thing about this prototype however is that it doesn't actually have a display yet arguably the most important part of a folding device.

Of course with so many companies producing flexible OLED it shouldn't be a hard task sourcing one but it does suggest this design is at the very early stages overall it's not a bad design though and if created correctly I could see it being a success.

One of the main issues I see with other devices such as the Galaxy Fold is the display when it's unfolded folding phones will be useful for watching media and gamers who don't want to carry a tablet around so I think the widescreen aspect ratio is very important in a much better design.

Camera & RAM

When it comes to the rear of the device we've got a Quad-Camera setup but no details on what sensors are used, It will be useful to see a wide-angle, Telephoto and a time-of-flight sensor to accompany the primary sensor.

As with all folding phones that they are destined to be flagships considering they're going to have to be expensive so this is no doubt going to sport the latest system-on-chip with a healthy RAM and storage configuration.


Now, of course, one of the biggest downsides to this device is going to be the double fold or the display it will likely be able to survive many folds as we have seen from other folding devices.

There is slight creasing over the folded areas are more disguised when at high brightnesses on these folding phones that they are still there and on this device we have two of them.

Moreover, This it has to be said when the phone is fully unfolded it looks great in exactly what we need from a folding device but just how strong will this be, Considering the phones are reasonably thin overall I can imagine there's going to be quite a lot of flex well in the unfolded state.

Well, We don't get much from the prototype we can see it has a selfie camera and it's powered by USB C.


I hope you may like this informative details of TCL's Triple Folding Phone which is not supposed to launch soon but will launch after some time because this is a prototype and if you want to know more about this device and also so many other devices so stay tuned with our website and also check previous interesting stuff.

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