Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite is Confirmed with Specs

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite is Confirmed

The secret Samsung flagship phone which is a lighter variant of Galaxy S10 series is actually coming to the market and Samsung not only confirms that this smartphone exists but they also confirmed the name for this phone it's called Galaxy S10 lite.

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Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite

There is nothing much lite about this phone, The design of this phone is based on the Galaxy S10 Plus from the front and on the back it looks like a Galaxy S9 Plus.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite is Confirmed Specifications

Galaxy S10 Lite is pretty much like a flagship phone and its have a pretty special combination, It's gonna have Snapdragon 855, 6.7" or 6.8" Display and of course Super AMOLED, A bigger 4300 mAh battery which is about the same size as the Galaxy Note 10 Plus.

Cameras of S10 Lite are said to be based on Galaxy A90 so apart from the Cameras we don't see anything lite about this phone, This is a true flagship Samsung device that is coming out pretty soon.

On the backside of the phone, There might be two Cameras in which a main camera of 48 MP and the other one is of 12 MP camera there is no more details about the Cameras of this phone.

Now since Galaxy S10 Lite is confirmed and we also know that Samsung is working on the Note 10 Lite as well so that phone could also see the market pretty soon.

I know it's a little bit confusing but Samsung is actually working on these devices that could come in the month of January or in December with One UI 2.0 out of the box.

Samsung Galaxy S11

Samsung is leaking Galaxy S11 like crazy and thanks to the information coming from China, Galaxy S11 has received certification for 5G and 25 watts of fast charging.

So Samsung is still keeping the 25 watts of fast charging support on the S11 family and of course, all the phones will support 45 watts of fast charging but you would have to buy a separate charger for that.

Samsung is increasing the battery sizes of all the Galaxy S11's models significantly compared to last year's model, The battery sizes are bigger but because of the new efficient technology that they're using it's not gonna take too much space inside the phone hence the galaxy 11 devices could be even more compact compared to the last year's model.


I hope you may like this little information about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite, If you want to keep updated with the latest technology and mobile phone leaks so you can visit our website daily and stay tuned.

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