Samsung Galaxy S11 could have a 120 Hertz Display

Samsung Galaxy S11 - 120 Hertz Display

There are so many leaks for the upcoming Samsung's flagship S11 and now we just got information from none other than Samsung themselves that the Samsung Galaxy S11 could indeed have a 120Hz display.

Samsung Galaxy S11

Ice Universe has been saying the Galaxy S11 will have at least 90Hz display and there's a possibility that they might even go for a 120Hz display.

The processor for the Galaxy S11 the Exynos 990 which was announced recently also has the support for a 120Hz display, So we knew that Samsung is going for a higher screen refresh rate but there was still confusion on whether or not they would go for a 120Hz display.

But now it looks like they are indeed going for a 120Hz display. Ice Universe posted a tweet with an image in which someone has found refresh rate changing settings on the OneUI 2 beta on the Galaxy Note 9.

And it shows you can choose the refresh rate between 60Hz and 120Hz but that tweet is in the Korean language and almost all of us can't read Korean so we have some assistance from Ice Universe.

So Ice Universe found a similar setting in the Chinese version of the Galaxy Note 9,

And it basically says, you can choose from 3 refresh rate settings.

  1. Turn off the high refresh rate mode and keep 60Hz
  2. Turn on the high refresh rate mode and keep 120Hz
  3. Turn on the high refresh rate mode and switch automatically between 60Hz and 120Hz.

So apparently there isn't going to be a 90Hz setting, You can only choose from 60Hz and 120Hz.

Still, this doesn't directly mean the Galaxy S11 will have but it's almost certain at this point that the S11 will indeed have it.

Otherwise, why would there be a setting in the beta version of the OneUI 2 which is the Galaxy S11 is going to come with.

Galaxy Note 9 doesn't get 120Hz

By the way, since this is found on the Galaxy Note 9 but this doesn't mean the Note 9 will also get a 120Hz display with a software update.

No, it doesn't work like that because the display hardware of the Note 9 isn't capable of a 120Hz refresh rate.

It's just a placeholder since this is a beta version which isn't tailored specifically for the Note 9.

120 Hertz Display

Anyway, we're pretty happy with how things are turning out for the Galaxy S11, I thought the S11 is going to be a minor upgrade with a focus on Camera but fortunately, I was wrong.

A 120Hz display alone is enough in my opinion for an upgrade, it doesn't matter if you're on the S10 or Note 10.

A higher screen refresh rate makes a world of difference, you can see that on the OnePlus 7 Pro, Speaking of which, I was kinda surprised when Samsung let OnePlus use the 90Hz display before them.

If you don't know OnePlus uses Samsung's display and the OnePlus 7 or 7T Pro has one of the best displays out there primarily due to its 90Hz refresh rate.

Now it makes sense why they let OnePlus use the 90Hz display before them because they kept the 120Hz display for themselves.

Samsung got valuable user feedback with OnePlus devices and they collected it, worked on the flaws and improved the tech before bringing it to their own flagships which is really smart and if you have noticed it has been the business model of Samsung for a couple of years now.

So it looks like the Galaxy S11 is turning out to be a solid upgrade with 120Hz display, 5x optical periscope zoom camera, 108MP camera with one of the largest mobile sensors and more.


I hope you may like this informative details about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S11 which is coming with a higher refresh rate ever i.e 120Hz, If you want to keep updated with the latest technology and mobile phone leaks so you can visit our website daily and stay tuned.

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